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Global Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is a tedious task compared to all types of registrations. In order to succeed in your new business venture you must build your own brand. Either you offer lively product or service, go for differentiation because unique products hold a great market share. In this respect it is important to add features to your business that are unique and then set class apart from the coward. This makes you easily identifiable amongst your consumers and customers. Filing trademark is the foremost thing in a company. Trademarks are registered and governed under the Trademarks act, 1999. It is a word, symbol, phrase, design or combination of words, phrases or designs used to distinguish the source of goods or services of one enterprise from others. Any person can apply for registration of trademark to the trademark registry whose principal place of the business of the applicant in India falls. Usually, the whole process takes 10-12 months.

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Continuity of Business

We provide continuous support in building brand and creation of good will among the customers.

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Customer support

We offer you wide range of services to make your business idea into a reality and ensure its growing

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Make transformational change

We are dedicated to our customers and transforms business processes with our overarching services.

Benefits Of Trademark

Legal protection

Legal protection offers the owners the right to take legal actions on infringers who tries sue your registered trademark.

Creation of goodwill

Trademark builds the trust and understanding among the clients in the market. It also helps in creating goodwill.

Exclusive rights

Trademark registration provides an exclusive right to the owner to use the mark with respect to goods or services covered by it.

Intangible asset

Trademark registration leads to the creation of an intangible asset which can be sold, franchised, or even contracted with third parties.

Global trademark registration

A registered mark can be used to obtain registration in foreign countries facilitating protection of the brand worldwide.

Protection of brand

Once trademark is registered it is valid for a 10 year period.You need to simply pay the protection cost and renewal cost after 10 yrs.

About Our Company

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We Solubilis with a group of dedicated, object-oriented and skill professionals provide effective support to individuals and business owners to fulfil their financial and legal advisory since 2009. In With a group of dedicated, research-oriented and skilled professionals uniquely positioned to help individuals and business owners fulfil their financial and legal advisory since 2007. In both established and emerging markets, we render quality services from planning to set up the business by fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements. We also offers broad range of transactional and advisory services to institutions, entrepreneurs as well as public and private companies. Solubilis offers end to end services in the fields of Intellectual Property law with the goal of aiding and assisting its clients at every stage, and is recognized as one of India’s leading firms. For meticulous and quick service, contact us.